Verb 2 dan verb 3 dari see

Verb 2 dan verb 3 dari see


Verb is a word that indicates an action, event, or state.

Verb 1 disebut juga dengan present verb, verb 2 disebut juga dengan past verb, sedangkan verb 3 disebut juga dengan past participle verb.

Verb 2 digunakan untuk past tense, sedangkan verb 3 digunakan untuk perfect tense dan passive voice.


see (present verb/verb 1) – saw (past verb/verb 2) – seen (past participle verb/verb 3)

Contoh kalimat dengan menggunakan verb 1, verb 2, verb 3

verb 1

I see her every morning.

verb 2

We saw that accident yesterday.

verb 3

They have seen that picture for two hours.

That painting has been seen by my friend since 2017.